Monday, 27 February 2012

Dream Theater, Manchester 02 Apollo, 9/2/2012

Between being ill and work, this gig was now quite a long time ago...

The band was great, and I loved the set, there were three 'cube' screens hanging over them showing little clips etc, although to be honest the size and shaped often interfered with the images so you couldn't tell what they were...

The crowd were completely mad, apart from sitting in front of the toilet entrance which meant we got to see everyone who needed a piss passing in front of us, they were also very happy to see the band. Each time the lead singer came onto the stage there was a lot of cheering, roaring and fist waving.

Dreamweaver themselves were very good, the sound was excellent, even if the lead vocalist faded a few times and was lost in the music...not his fault I suspect, just poor levels. Still, it was far better quality than Mastodon!

Overall it was a great evening, and very kindly they ended the gig at 10:30, brilliant for a mid-week gig!

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