Friday, 9 March 2012

Mark Lanegan, Manchester Academy 2, 05/03/2012

Well, my continuing theme of 'let's write about gigs long after they occurred' is about to get worse as I'm on holiday next week, and have two gigs before I leave, and no time to post. Ah well.

So, Mark Lanegan. I've been listening to him since I heard 'Hit the City' on years ago, and he had got me though some of the roughest times of my life. But never seen him in concert, as no only didn't he tour, but when he did tour with SoulSavers (whom also also like, hell, 90% of the songs were covers of his material!), I bought a ticket to go, and it snowed. A lot. Masses. And as it was to a place I had never been to, a long distance from home, well, basically I decided to not go.

So when I heard he was touring (after seeing an ad on the walls on the Academy!) I had to go. Which made a change, as for once my boyfriend didn't know Mr. Lanegan's work, so I introduced him to it. (He loves it by the way).

So we get there, fashionably late as usual, and the place is packed. Not just slightly busy, packed to the rafters.  I had no idea what to expect, the stage was simple, with no set, just a microphone and instruments.

He came on stage, last, but there was little fanfare. He didn't introduce himself, just started to sing with that amazing voice. And that was it, just song after song, with a brief intro of the band (which my boyfriend said was incomprehensible) and when he returned from the false encore, a quick, faintly sarcastic 'thanks'.

But it didn't matter. The music was amazing, and although the sound quality occasionally let them down, the majority was crystal clear. It was all very emotional, and I loved it.

They also didn't change the lighting, so no flashing lights etc, but also no decent photos or film. But at least I finally got to see him!

Forget about visuals, I couldn't see myself! There are a couple of clips of him where I put my hand above the crowd, but I just won't do that for long periods as other's can't see.

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